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You will find here a list of EU funded research projects related with the scope of RESFOOD.
This list is regularly updated with new projects.


FP7 AquaFit4Use -  Water in industry Fit-for-Use and sustainable water use in chemical, paper, textile and food industries

Cost Action BACFOODNET -  A European Network for mitigating bacterial colonisation and persistence on foods and food processing environment

FP7 BioEcoSim project – valorisaztion of livestock manure to produce sustainable soil

H2020 BYNSE – Business intelligence service for the management of crops based on cloud and big data

EIT Climate KIC Cop-In Focus - Community of Practice for Integrated Food Clusters

FP7 DEMEAU - Demonstration of technologies to address emerging pollutants in water and waste water

FP7 EUBerry - sustainable improvement of European berry production

FP7 FERTIPLUS - processing technologies and strategies to convert urban and farm organic waste to valuable and safe products for agriculture

FP7 FFW - Liquid and gas Fischer-Tropsch fuel production from olive industry waste: fuel from waste

FP7 FIGARO  - Flexible and Precision Irrigation Platform to Improve Farm Scale Water Productivity

FP7 FOODMETRES - Assessing the “land footprint” of urban food consumptions in terms of the socio-economic and environmental impacts

FP7 FOODSCAN – developing a biosensor platform for pesticide and other chemical residue detection

FP7 FUSIONS - establishing a European multi-stakeholder platform for a shared strategy to reduce food waste across the whole supply chain

FP7 GRATITUDE -  solutions to reduce waste from post-harvest losses of root and tuber crops and turn unavoidable waste into value

FP7 INNOBITE – Transforming urban and agricultural residues into high performance biomaterials for Green Construction

FP7 NAWADES – Nanotechnological applications of water desalination

H2020 NEWFERT - Nutrient recovery from biobased waste for fertilizer production

FP7 NOSHAN - investigating process and technologies to use food waste for feed production at low cost and low energy consumption

FP7 OPTIFERT - developing  an automatic system for combined fertilization and irrigation system

FP7 PROMETHEUS -  identification of the effect of processing on food contaminants

FP7 RECAPT - supporting a closer and more collaborative management of innovations along the food supply chain

FP7 REFERTIL - reducing mineral fertilisers & chemicals use in agriculture by recycling treated organic waste as compost and bio-char products

H2020 REFRESH - Resource efficient food and drink for the entire supply chain

SUNNIVA -  quality optimized raw material production and processing technologies for tomatoes and Brassica and their derived products

FP7 SUSCLEAN - sustainable cleaning and disinfection in fresh-cut food industries

FP7 TRADEIT  - reinforcing traditional food producing SMEs in the dairy, meat and bakery sectors

FP7 TRANSBIO -  innovative biotechnological approaches to transform by-products from fruit and vegetable processing industry into value-added bioproducts

FP7 TREAT&USE - disseminating a method for safe and economic wastewater treatment for a direct reuse of the water and nutrients in food production

FP7 VEG-I-TRADE - impact of climate change and globalisation on safety of fresh produce and derived food products