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Water and resource efficiency for the European food chain in a 2’55” clip.

Watch the videoclip showing highlights from the conference here.

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The RESFOOD project is a succesful model of innovation for the food and water sector

A large and targeted participation of 100 delegates including organisations involved in the food production chain and in water technologies, industries, SMEs’, associations, researchers and policy makers attended the conference. The conference was the occasion to launch the ‘Water and Food Innovation’ dialogue for inclusive green growth in Europe, an initiative of the European Technology Platforms WssTP and Food [...]

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Presenting the RESFOOD practicable technologies to close cycles in the food chain

Demonstration of systematic eco-innovative approaches for the circular economy will be a key objective for the upcoming H2020 programme: this was announced by officials of the European Commission in a recent meeting bringing together successful European research projects targeting resource efficiency, among which RESFOOD.  Water is expected to play a major role in achieving the circular economy. [...]

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RESFOOD meets the EIB and the Innovation Partnership

RESFOOD  is earmarked as a succesfull project capable of bringing an actual contribution to the circular economy challenge. As part of a cluster of resource efficiency projects, RESFOOD will be presented to an audience bringing together representatives of the European Investment Bank, the  Innovation Partnership and technology platforms in a meeting organised by the European [...]

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RESFOOD technologies have a promising business application

Performances of the RESFOOD technologies for water treatment, reuse and disinfection in horticulture and fruit and vegetables processing will be further improved in the next weeks: the RESFOOD Executive Board meeting, held in Leiden on the 26th of August, announced a series of demonstration and pilot tests to enhance the market potential of the project’s solutions: [...]

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Save the date: RESFOOD congress in Brussels on the 27th of October

RESFOOD has announced a conference to present newly developed technologies and measures reducing water and energy use and improving food safety along the whole food chain. Practitioners and researchers of the food and water sectors are invited to learn about the applicability and cost-effectiveness of these solutions and launch new research cooperation taking advantage of [...]

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RESFOOD showing feasible solutions for water reduction to the food production industry

Closing the water cycle implies developing new solutions to treat drain water that are able to  remove    salt so valuable nutrients can be retained but also emissions of these nutrients and of crop  protection    agents are avoided: the objective is to make water reusable and nutrients recovery  feasible and  commercially profitable. Employing electrodyalisis permits the production of  nitrogen fertilizers [...]

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Promising results from washing of fresh-cut vegetables using chlorine-alternative disinfectants

RESFOOD has developed a new prototype washing system incorporating the principle of water recirculation and boosting the mechanical effect of water on the vegetables’ surface. Sixteen tons of iceberg lettuce was processed in 8 hours of real operating time, using peroxyacetic acid and chlorine dioxide as sanitizing agents. Peroxyacetic acid has proven as an alternative to chlorine to [...]

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RESFOOD solutions for a more efficient food chain covered by the New Food Magazine

Water and nutrient loss from leaching reduced by up to 80% thanks to optimized irrigation strategies; turning  water contaminants into a profitable product; introducing  biosensors for a rapid detection of pathogens:   these are only some of the remarkable results and innovative technologies developed by  RESFOOD and highlighted in one among the most largely diffused [...]

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Meeting the European players of the food and water sectors

RESFOOD is developing methods and technologies that will permit substantial water as well as fertilizer savings while maintaining the same crop productivity and quality. These innovative solutions are applicable throughout the food value chain and can be used by both food producers and food processors. In order to make aware the European players in the [...]

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 308316