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Reducing the pressure on primary raw materials and preserving the environment by reducing pollution, RESFOOD aims to:

  • Reduce the intake of fresh water in horticulture with 30-70 % by efficient ferti-irrigation, improved substrate cultivation and far going closure of the water cycle. With an estimated water use in Horticulture of 15 billion m3 , the expected saving can be several billion m³ water;
  • Reduce the use of Nutrients with 30 to 80 % by improved dosage and closing the water cycle. For Horticulture the savings can be several 100 million tones’ of fertilizer;
  • Reduce the water use in Food processing with 30-50 % by direct reuse of water, with the help of new small scale treatment systems and good quality control by fast detection and monitoring. (With a water use of around 5000 million m3 a year in Europe, the savings can be 1000 – 2000 million m3 per year);
  • Reduce the use of energy in Food processing with 20-40 % by direct reuse of cold and warm water;
  • Preserving the environment and reduce environmental pollution. The reduction of water losses in horticulture is directly coupled with a reduction of losses of fertilizers and pesticides to the ground and surface water. Overall 25-70 % less emissions to the environment form the food chain (fertilizers, waste water, green house gasses, solid waste) is expected.



Besides the development of new technologies, the demonstration in practice, combined with focused dissemination activities will bring about the changes needed.