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The Europe 2020 Strategy calls for a bioeconomy as a key element for smart and green growth in Europe. EU has to contribute to the advancements in bioeconomy research and innovation by improving the management of its renewable biological resources and to open new and diversified markets in food and bio-based products.


The Bioeconomy Strategy and its Action Plan aim to pave the way to a more innovative, resource efficient and competitive society that reconciles food security with the sustainable use of renewable resources for industrial purposes, while ensuring environmental protection.


Europe is confronted with an unprecedented and unsustainable exploitation of its natural resources, significant and potentially irreversible changes to its climate and a continued loss in biodiversity that threaten the stability of the living systems on which it depends. In fact many natural resources (water, minerals in fertilizers, soil, biomass and energy) are used in crop cultivation and food processing and additionally significant amounts of bio-wastes are produced. Besides huge water and energy losses, 20 -50 % of the nutrients and 30 % of all food produced in Europe is lost and wasted.


RESFOOD addresses the essential topics in the food chain towards Resource Efficient and Safe Food Production and Processing, leading to maximised resource productivity and recycling and re-use of valuable materials by research and demonstration of the proposed green solutions.